Bacon Today!


If you’ve checked out my bio on the WRG? website you would see that it reads ”Blogger by day. Hobo duet singer by night. Bacon lover. Secret softy. Way oversocial New Yorker living in Montreal… MEOW! =^..^= Follow me @sarahkarpward”.  Basically, my favorite things in the world are the interwebz, music, New York, Montreal, kittycats and…. BACON!  I am constantly getting sent bacon websites and pictures from friends, I follow bacon themed accounts on Twitter and eat almost disgusting amounts of bacon in my daily life.  So when I came across the site Bacon Today, I was disappointed that I had not come across this sooner.  There were posts on everything from bacon jerky to rainbow colored bacon to bacon nailpolish to bacon chocolates to bacon recipes  to bacon songs…. you got the idea.  There are hours to be wasted on here and bask in all of it’s bacon goodness.  I am without a doubt favoriting this and adding it to my Google Reader.

I LOVE YOU BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

skw loves bacon

Author: Sarah Karp Ward


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  • momma k dubbs

    and whatta you think of Canadian bacon?

  • Dunks

    Bacon is bomb. #agreed

  • A*maze

    BAAAAAACON! so good!

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