Top 10 Videos of ’10

For the last Music Monday of 2010, we thought we’d share with you our top 10 favorite music videos that we posted over the last year.  So in no particular order, see the 10 videos that really caught our attention in ’10.

Rad Omen- Rad Anthem
Ever wonder what a night out with fast food icons Ronald McDonald, The King, Colonel Sanders and Jack would be like?  These dudes know how to party.  Shall I say they’re pretty…. rad.  See the original post here.

YELLE- La Musique
The entire video for French electro pop star YELLE is an animated gif featuring pop culture icons such as Kanye West, Amy Winehouse, Megan Fox, Oprah, Snoop Dogg, Stevie Wonder, Justin Bieber and some instrument playing cats that we love.  See the original post here.

Duck Sauce- Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand will never be thought of the same after Duck Sauce (Armand Van Helden and A-Trak) took her name and turned it into one of the top dance tracks tracks of the year. “Ooo ooo ooooo ooooooo Barbra Streisand”  See the original post here.

Chromeo- Don’t Turn The Lights Off
Lot of freaky glowing and floating eyeballs in this first single off of their 3rd album ‘Business Casual’… “because tonight I want to see you in the dark”. See the original post here.

JAMAICA- I Think I Like U 2
We love the ‘VH1: Behind The Music’ feel of this video following the rise and fall of indie rockers JAMAICA.  We also really love their video for ‘Short & Entertaining’ that you can  see on the original post here.

Breakbot- Baby I’m Yours Feat. Irfane
A pretty video with a watercolor appearance and a 70′s feel along to one of our favorite discoey dance tracks of the year. See the original post here.

Make The Girl Dance- Kill Me
This French electro duo ask the question “What would you do if you only had 8 days left to live? Would you spend all your money to enjoy life one last time?” and then they showed you what they would do with 8 days and $30,000. Basicially partying, shopping, girls and… partying. See the original post here.

MAKE THE GIRL DANCE [KILL ME] (official video)

Cinnamon Chasers- Luv Deluxe
Chosen as the best video of the year at the SXSW film festival, the story is the perspective of a young man as he roadtrips around the West Coast with a young girl he meets along the way and how things turn out differently depending on the actions they take.  See the original post here.

Miike Snow- The Rabbit
How can you not love a bearded 2 Live Crew loving child with a beavy of booty shaking beauties set in Jamaica for a video for a Swedish group? Pretty awesome.  See the original post here.

Russ Chimes- The Midnight Club EP
Our final video is actually a compliation of 3 videos with 6 different songs throughout it. In our opinion, this is the best video EP we’ve ever seen. The story line line and quick cuts from shot to shot add anticipation. Listen when we say you need to watch all 16 minutes of this.  See the original post here.

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Author: Sarah Karp Ward


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  • @cmcalkins

    I like the music, my hips like the music… let’s dance.

  • Malakamalakas

    Good work on the compilation Sarah
    I feel like you make a cameo at least once in each of these videos haha
    you’re such a vixen

    cmcalkins’ hips are dangerous

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