Picking up the pieces: Walckhoff on Lacroix

Nearly a year ago I got the chance to sit down with Sacha Walckhoff, best known for his work with Christian Lacroix. Until Lacroix was faced with near bankruptcy that is.

Now Walckhoff is better know for picking up the scattered pieces that Lacroix miss management of money produced for the brand.

Since taking over, Walckhoff has opted for a different kind of brand strategy than most are used to at Lacroix. For example, as the past year has shown, no more haute couture for this fashion house. At least not for now. Instead Walckhoff has ventured into more accessible items, like stationary. (I was gifted one of the notebooks from the stationnary line. It’s pretty. So pretty I haven’t had the heart to use it yet.)

While this project has been under lock and key for the last few months, my main co-conspirator on this project, Joe Fotheringham (Limited Hype) recently gave me the green light.

Watch Walckhoff’s loyalty to Lacroix – the person and the brand – stands the test of time.


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