Porsche Boxster E

These days, going green is a must for the automotive industry, and Porsche appears to be considering the environment or at least toying with the idea. To date, Porsche has put hybrid-powered Cayennes and Panameras on the road; has begun experimenting with green technologies on the track; and now have unveiled their latest earth-saver.

The Boxster E, an all-electric version of the brand’s most entry-level sports car. It’s true, one should always be skeptical when a car company claims to be revolutionizing anything, but it’s hard not to get excited when Porsche comes out with a new model – especially if it is helping to move the motoring world toward environmental friendliness. Don’t bother going to your local dealer expecting to test drive just yet though, as there are only three of them in the world, and they’re prototypes, for testing and research into “viability,” “reliability,” “sustainability” and all sorts of other words like that. You can always dream though, right?

If you want to find the information for yourself, it’s not hard; this is big news, and multiple sites have the story.

Author: Daniel Adams
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