Taco Tuesday: Brunchin’ It

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a big boozy brunch for my friends. The weather was frigid, our work weeks were long and no one seemed up to party on Friday or Saturday nights anymore, so I took initiative (not wanting a weekend sans-alcohol to occur) and organized an excuse to day booze. The best thing about brunch is … well … EVERYTHING. The food, the fact that you can drink (and it’s acceptable) and especially the fact that it can be one of the most casual social gatherings to organize.

The menu consisted of mini mac n’ cheese bites (recipe), huevos rancheros, yogurt parfaits in pots, warm scones w/ raspberry jam (recipe, jam was homemade), stuffed french toast (straight off of the Sabrina’s Cafe menu), homemade hash browns and of course bacon.

(Mimosa “bomb”; fill a shot glass with freshly squeezed clementine juice, place in a larger glass and fill around the shot glass with your favorite kind of champagne).

Author: Flimsey Goods


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