TacoTuesday Limited Edition Rolling Pin

Being an online entity, we take any tangible product we develop very seriously. Months ago we started developing something for our #ATEyears anniversary. Our goal was to bring out what What’s Really Good stands for, the ideologies the magazine lives by, and manifest them in a physical object. Something that people could touch, feel, and hold on to.

Over the years, food culture has latched on quite closely to fashion. It’s no secret that the lines have been blurred to the point that they’ve started to adopt one another’s DNA. We wanted continue in the same vein, merging the two worlds as we know them, as What’s Really Good has always approached them. We opted to keep our focus centered on quality, design aesthetic, something hand crafted, something iconic, and finally it was very important to us that it remain limited in quantity. The result: a global symbol for baking, the rolling pin.

We wanted to stay domestic and put a spin on a classic which is why we started with baseball bat grade 100% Canadian maple. Studying several different designs we wanted something simple and elegant. The more moving pieces involved the more vulnerabilities it would have. The final pin design is of a seamless wooden pin with tapered handles for smooth and controlled motion.

Design studio LA374 hand-crafted each pin meticulously, spending hours on each pin and box, which is also handcrafted from imported French wine crates and lined with leather. The rolling pin comes accompanied by a home-made wood butter, a cotton buffing cloth and a signed certificate of authenticity.

Only eight were produced and very few remain. Available while supplies last, each retail for $75CDN. Email us for details on owning one.

Below is the making of video, take a look and see a glimpse of the process involved in the handcrafting process.

Author: Leslie Woods


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